Marine Conservation

Scuba Dive & support marine coral conservation efforts in Tayrona Natural National Park and surrounded areas.

What skills do you need?

  • Passion for preserving the environment.
  • To be motivated to work in rural, isolated and rustic conditions.
  • To enjoy team work.
  • Previous experience in scuba diving is necessary, but if you don´t have a scuba diving certification we offer you very special prices in courses prior to participation.
  • You must have a lot of initiative and creativity to work with the facilities that are available to you.

What is included in the program?

  • Application to the program
  • Accommodation (Expect shared rooms at a home stay, at a volunteer house or at the dive center).
  • National Park entrance fee.  
  • Scuba Diving Sessions, scuba diving equipment and marine transportation. 
  • NAUI certificated training to International Coral Reef gardener.
  • Certificate of participation.
  • At least 30 dives in the National Park.
  • Experience in scientific research.
  • Participation in programs up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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Project description

This program supports Marine and Coral Reef research and preservation strategies in the Colombian Caribbean. We work together with different NGOs and dive centers in mega biodiverse spots in Colombia, including the Tayrona National Park and the surrounding area. Our goal is to support conservation efforts, help in ecological restoration, research and environmental education of fragile marine ecosystems which have been deteriorated by anthropogenic and natural impacts.

Why does this project need volunteers?

Coral reefs, maybe the world's richest ecosystems (along with rain forests) are undergoing a worldwide decline. Adverse anthropogenic activities such as over fishing, recreational activities, waste discharge, deforestation, reef mining, dredging and other human activities had been listed as primary causes for this degradation. This project is a coral reef remediation and restoration strategy. With participation of volunteer interns, we are supporting the development of this great intent of creating methods for reef restoration made for local organizations and their efforts in conservation.

Period of participation

4 weeks. 50 hours per week. 


Tayrona National Park and surrounding areas, Taganga and Minca.

Participation fee: 

4 weeks participation: $US 1335 This fee goes directly to support our organization costs, scuba diving course, scuba diving safaries while participating in Taganga, Tayrona National Park and Minca during 1 month.

Every week thereafter in Minca will cost $US 112