Scuba Diving

Adventure description

Our combination package includes solidarity work followed by an opportunity to participate in a scuba diving safari expedition, a certified scuba diving course or any-level dives at Tayrona National  Park.

The scuba diving in Colombia is famous around the world because of its biodiversity. Explore Caribbean coral reefs and swim among schools of grunt, yellowtails, spotted eagle rays, turtles, stingrays, angel fish, octopus, sea horses, starfish and many species of eels!


Location will be in the surrounding area of the Tayrona National Park. A breathtaking 45 minute boat ride from Taganga, which is a Small town located on the tip of Santa Marta, beside Tayrona National Park.

What  do we offer?

  • Scuba diving Safari at Tayrona National  Park
  • Certified scuba diving courses

The activities will depend on the chosen scuba diving expedition of your preference.

Scuba diving safari at Tayrona National Park

Take a trip to a secluded paradise and dive in the best sites in the national park! The DIVING SAFARI is an exclusive service of  the Tayrona National Park in Gayraca Bay. You can take diving courses during 3 days, get to dive by the coral nursery and spend time relaxing on the beach or in the shaded hammocks. Excursions are every Thursday.

Diving Safari Includes: all courses or fundives, a hammock area for rest and relaxation, toilet facilities, three meals a day, coffee and water, the best dives and beach in the area for your enjoyment. 

Certified scuba diving course

 At your scuba diving course, you will have daily diving lessons during four days, theory and practice at Tayrona National Park. Also, you will get supervised diving practice with certified and bilingual Dive Masters. 

Book two dives in one day when you are at your placement!

 What is included? 

  • Full professional gear, round-trip transportation from Taganga to the diving spot.
  • Food and accommodation, snacks and drinks. 
  • Professional dive master instructors. 
  • Full scuba diving equipment. 
  • Scuba dive Master and bilingual guides.
  •  You also will obtain a scuba diving license and a manual.


 The fee could change depending on the chosen volunteer program, the time you arranged it and the preferred scuba diving expedition. 

 Travel with a friend and get 10% off. (esto en otro color o un diseño llamativo, ver diseños que envio). 

For certified divers, dives while participating in the solidarity adventure are:

Starting from $ 100 US for 2 dives, and $ 450 US for at least 6 dives in the safari adventure during three days.

Certificated Scuba Diving course Fee: starting from $ 500 US to get your practical training during the safari adventure during three days.

 Certificated scuba diving course in the  National Tayrona Park is $ 420 US.

 Spanish classes: Available, Taganga and at our Orientation center in Minca, let us know to book Spanish lessons.