Bird Watching

This is a unique experience that you must enjoy!!! We offer world-class bird watching activities that can last from one to three days.
  You will experience majestic views up to 2.800 MASL, with direct sight of the snow-peaked mountains where many endemic bird species can be found. 

Bird & wildlife watching

635 species of birds have been recorded in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which is about 35% of the birds of Colombia in only 1.48% of its territory. The Sierra is the most important center of endemism in the world with 36 species (and 55 subspecies) of restricted-range birds to the mountains. In addition, 18 of their species face a risk of global extinction while 22 national and 132 migrants have been recorded.

Bird watching is done by going around the Sierra Nevada National Park, San Lorenzo area and its surroundings where most of the endemic species can be observed. Hotel Minca has posted the following document that can be downloaded by clicking To download PDF file bird list, click here.

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