This program promotes cultural exchange, solidarity and teamwork, offering the opportunity to EXPLORELEARN and GROWwhile travelling with a strategy of alternative, fair and low impact tourism. 

We offer travel options which, along with discovering unique locations in the Colombian Caribbean, will allow you to experience the reality of isolated communities while acquiring some of the knowledge and the tools necessary to help create a sustainable world. Participants can design a custom-made volunteer travel or internship program, to get the most of this experience.  

VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS                    


Help with animal health projects while      participating  in   events to spay, neuter and de-worm local cats and dogs.

Scuba Dive & support marine coral conservation efforts in Tayrona Natural National Park and sorrounded areas. 

Education for sustainable development  

Assist and strenghten environmental groups raising community awareness   of  the importance of environmental issues  with activities such as developing recycling strategies.    

Gain academic credit overseas through one of our internship programs abroad! You can choose one of the following Internships and Work Experience  Programs:

-    Teaching English as a second language. TESOL
-    Health and Animal Welfare 
-    Sustainable Tourism


Combine intensive formal language instruction with real immersion in daily life and culture to help improve your language skills. Gain an intimate knowledge of Colombian culture. Read more..


  1. Be of legal age (over 18 years old for Colombia), participants under 18 must travel with their parentsor a responsible adult (with parents approval).
  2. Be in good physical and mental health to develop activities in open areas with people (including children and elderly).
  3. Don´t take any illegal substances or drugs. 
  4. Have travel and medical insurance during program participation.
  5. Don´t have any kind of legal background issues in Colombia or  any other country.
  6. Have the commitment to start and participate during the agreed dates.
  7. Be willing to participate in activities that require both physical labor and team work.
  8. A positive attitude is necessary as you will be working with disabled people, elderly or children.
  9. Present required documents.
  10. Get required vaccination.
  11. Confirm participation at least 6 weeks prior to start date.




Support teachers to improve their skills while providing inclusive and practical educational methods to children in local communities of the Sierra Nevada.

Learn about permaculture while participating in local ecological agriculture and bio-construction projects.

Administration and Fundraising

Lead activities to promote effective management, fundraising that allow us to reach the goals of the Foundation. 

Bastian Piltz (Germany) – Msc Marine Mikrobiology

"...This in itself was a very rewarding experience in which I can say that I have grown as a person... The highlights of my stay – in both the literal and figuratively – were the trips to Minca and the surroundings in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. From these beautiful mountains covered in lush forest you can get a truly inspiring perspective on things." Read more...    



We are a local NGO that works hand in hand with local communities. We understand their current needs to support and develop programs that help them on  solving needs to improve their standards of living. Every experience from our volunteers helps us to strengthen our relationships with the community. Also, our staff has worked and volunteered with communities and thus has helped us to build a rich program. 

We are located in the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” a unique environmentally and culturally sensitive and sacred place. This has to be guarded and conserved, as the indigenous people have told us. This location is the highest coastal mountain range in the world with a complex network of ecosystems and nearly 20 endemic bird species. Here you can go diving at a stunnig beach and get high into the mountains in just a few hours.


The cultural exchange we offer in rural communities will help you to grow as a person. You will share your time in rural projects with friendly local people. You can choose your destination between different projects, communities and ecosystems, having the opportunity to experience a worthwhile travel adventure.  Additionally, if in your time off you'd like some adventure, you can enjoy an immersion into wildlife or join adventures that will make your travel the ultimate experience.  

If you'd like to get involved, we will make your experience exceptional, offering you a safe and secure travel in Colombia.


  1. Email  Misión Gaia´s team at voluntarios@misiongaia.org for any specific questions you may have about volunteer participation and to start application process. 
  2. Please, fill in the application form we will send you and attach CV (not longer than 3 pages). 
  3. Set up a virtual or personal interview depending on participant location.
  4. Choose location and participation dates.
  5. Program fee payment 45 days prior participation.