Give a money donation to help sustain one of our ongoing programs, h
ere are some samples of how your money donation is used:
  • Spay and neuter cats and dogs in Minca and Taganga, for $US 40We are looking to sponsor 80 animals in our next campaings in November & December 2012. And for 2013, our goal is to spay or neuter 350 animals. 
  • Health clinics for cats and dogs for $US10. We are looking to treat 400 animals in 2013. 
  • Art or Sports workshops with kids (groups of 15 kids) for $US 90.
  • Help training local guides in ecotourism for $US 50. 
You can donate using a bank transfer in Colombian pesos, US dollars, pounds or euro. Please contact us for our international bank details.

Buy a T-shirt!

We offer cool T-shirts for men and women ($US 25), post cards ($US 5), calendars and organic coffee for sale to help support our projects. All profits go directly to the projects of Fundación Misión Gaia. 
If you are not in Colombia, we can ship to you.