Get involved in our programs through different activities! Support our work in the communities of la Sierra Nevada and its foothills. 
Get the gift of giving!

There are many ways to give to  Misión Gaia:


Donate - Conribute to our 2015 funding campaign!
Help us raise $3,500 USD by September 30th, to support our social and environmental programs for next year. Click here to donate.

Help us increase standards of living in communities and preserve mother earth. Support fundraising in your community. We can help with ideas!

What do you get for giving?

When you give to Fundación Misión Gaia, you also receive: 

A life-time experience. 

Close contact with communities you are supporting.

Obtain professional experience or academic credits. 

Be part of fare trade travel in which everyone wins. 

If you support our cause by giving a money donation we will give you a donation certificate that can be used to reduce your taxes. 

You will also be supporting the increment of standards of living in communities and supporting our organization in our solidarity work.

 Give your time to Misión Gaia

If you feel you´d prefer to help us with your time as a volunteer with Misión Gaia, we really appreciate it. Misión Gaia´s staff is a small group of professionals trying to do as much as they can to reach our goals.  Please contact us for more information.
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